Wildwood Commerce Park is provided with water utility by the Carroll County Public Services Authority (CCPSA). A 12-inch water service line is on-site at Wildwood. The CCPSA belongs to the New River Regional Water Authority, which operates a surface water treatment facility with neighboring Wythe County and the Town of Wytheville. The water authority currently allocates 976,000 GPD (of its 4 M GPD permit capacity) to the CCPSA and Carroll County’s current average usage is 414,000 GPD, allowing for 562,000 GPD excess and available surface water capacity at Wildwood. In addition to surface water capacity, the CCPSA operates wells with a permitted and production capacity of 916,000 GPD and current average usage of 123,000 GPD, allowing for 793,000 GPD excess and available well water capacity at Wildwood.  Total excess and available water capacity is 250,000 GPD and expandable to 2.25 M GPD.


Wildwood Commerce Park is provided with wastewater services by the Carroll County Public Services Authority (CCPSA). An 8-inch gravity wastewater collection line is on-site at Wildwood. The CCPSA contracts with the City of Galax for wastewater treatment services. The City of Galax’s wastewater treatment plant’s permitted capacity is 3 M GPD, of which 1.5 M GPD is the average utilization. Currently, the collection system capacity is 523,584 GPD and the average usage is 409,584 GPD, allowing for 114,000 GPD excess and available wastewater capacity for Wildwood. However, the CCPSA and the City of Galax have recently amended their wastewater treatment agreement to include 550,000 GPD wastewater treatment reserved capacity for Wildwood. BRCEDA has initiated an expansion of wastewater collection capacity for Wildwood to 400,000 GPD, which will be completed during 2Q2017.


Wildwood Commerce Park is provided with electricity by Appalachian Electric Power (AEP). AEP has completed a 34.5 kV distribution (3 phase) service to Wildwood with an available capacity of ~ 10 MW. AEP maintains 138 kV transmission lines two (2) miles from Wildwood, which are served by the Pipers Gap substation located seven (7) miles from Wildwood. BRCEDA and AEP are initiating a project to deliver a substation on-site at Wildwood. BRCEDA plans to provide the substation site to AEP and is funding (via VA Tobacco Commission) the site study and right-of-way acquisition.  This preliminary work will reduce the amount of time to deliver a substation when needed by approximately twelve (12) months.

Natural Gas

Appalachian Natural Gas provides natural gas service to its industry and business customers in Carroll County. Wildwood Commerce Park is served with natural gas from Spectra Energy’s 24-inch “Patriot Line,” which is located less than two miles from Wildwood and operated by East Tennessee Natural Gas. The transmission line capacity is 1.75 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d).  A six-inch distribution line from the metering station site to Wildwood provides 50-100 psi to customers at Wildwood.


Companies considering Wildwood Commerce Park have options for telecommunications needs. Verizon provides services in Carroll County. In addition to larger providers, BRCEDA, with the localities of Carroll, Galax, and Grayson, formed the Wired Road Broadband Authority in 2007 to deploy true broadband availability in the Blue Ridge Crossroads region.

BRCEDA has built 144-count fiber to Wildwood and a wireless tower and shelter for broadband redundancy. Located in Galax, the Wired Road’s co-location (co-lo) facility is the regional peering point for the network and allows regional providers to connect to long haul fiber. Through a connection to the Citizens network over fifty providers on the Mid-Atlantic Broadband Network (MBC) have fiber access to the Wired Road. Carriers in the Galax co-lo are capable of providing direct connections to Terremark Culpepper, Equinix Ashburn, and TelX Atlanta. The Wired Road delivers a multi-provider, multi-service network with a fully integrated fiber and wireless architecture offering Layer 2 Gigabit, and 10 Gigabit circuits as needed at Wildwood Commerce Park.

Utilities On-Site and Planned Expansions

Utility Provider Infrastructure Available Capacity Planned Expansion
Water Carroll PSA 10 & 12-inch lines 250,000 GPD and expandable to 2.25 M GPD Loop/ dual feed($800k in-hand)
Wastewater Carroll PSA/ City of Galax 10-inch gravity line 114,000 GPD 400,000 GPD($3 M in-hand)
Electricity Appalachian Power 34.5 kV dist. (3 phase) ~ 10 MW Substation siting study
Fiber Wired Road Authority 144-count fiber / wireless tower 10 GB circuits
Natural Gas Carroll County/ Spectra Energy 6-inch HDPE/2-inch valves 24-inch transmission capacity- 1.75 Bcf/d  Metering station installed at announcement

Mohawk Needed Natural Gas …It Was Delivered.

“Carroll County’s commitment to partner with Mohawk Industries, Inc. to bring natural gas service to our Hillsville plant has ensured this facility will be able to achieve & maintain competitive energy costs. Local leaders did what was necessary to retain Mohawk’s jobs and investment in the community.”

– Ed Spivey,

Plant Manager

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