Environmental Due Diligence

We have conducted extensive environmental due diligence studies at Wildwood Commerce Park to ensure that companies can quickly begin construction of facilities to shorten the timeframe from announcement to the beginning of operations. The ready sites were graded in 2007-2008 and the property was previously wooded and undeveloped. During the process of the environmental due diligence, we discovered remnants of lead mining from the nineteenth-century on what is the currently undeveloped Site 1 and we have extensively studied the sub-surface voids and determined that there is no adverse effect for Wildwood’s present or future uses as an industrial park.

Report Date Completed Additional Information
Phase IEnvironmental Assessment October 2010/ April 2015 EA recommended wetlands jurisdictional determination and archaeological survey.
Wetlands delineation May 8, 2012 Approved USACE Jurisdictional Determination Letter
Endangered species July 2015 No further action required.
Archeological/Historical April 2012 No further action required.


Flood Zone X for the entire 273 acres; FIRM #51035C0150C, August 28, 2008

Soil types and conditions: Predominantly subsurface soils consisting of residual material (derived from the in-place weathering of bedrock), generally consisting of Elastic SILT (MH), Sandy SILT (ML) and Silty SAND (SM).

Air Quality: Attainment levels for all EPA-monitored pollutants